Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vocation in the Kingdom of God

Chapter five of Plantinga's Engaging God's World is titled, "Vocation in the Kingdom of God" and discusses the Christian role in society. Vocation is a person’s calling in life. A Christian calling, according to Glenn Triezenberg, is “to continue Christ’s work until he returns, and in so doing to become a prime citizen of God’s kingdom.”

The vocation of a community should be to enhance the life, both physically and spiritually, of its people. If a community can succeed in ensuring that the physical needs are met for people to be comfortable and feel at peace, then it will also succeed in pointing people to Christ through action. Communities should help in the motivation of its members to discover their talent that God has blessed them with, and help to open the doors, so that their opportunities become vocation. Members of a community must communicate with each other to build one another up and help each other understand what your purpose and goals are in life. Vocation is lastly a product of service, and if a community takes the task of guiding its members toward their vocation, its service glorifies God and is made an example for other communities to follow.

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